Building customer trust in your website. Getting over the trust deficit and building loyalty.
15th September 2011

A major problem often faced by e-commerce owners is the trust deficit by visitors to the site. It usually blindsides most e-commerce owners as they are more concerned about product specifications and other technical details of the website. They end up overlooking a major factor for online purchasing ? TRUST.

Top 5 reasons why visitors will hesitate to buy from your site

  1. No Brand Recognition: If you are new and they have never heard of you this can be an issue.
  2. Lack of documentation: Some products need more documentation to make a purchase decision.
  3. No Testimonials / Peer Reviews: This can be a major hurdle as in our socially networked world peer reviews can be important.
  4. Certifications not displayed: Some products need to be certified by public bodies and if they are missing then so is customer trust.
  5. Shabby website design: No excuse for this one. A poor site says your company does not care enough. No sales.

There will always be those early adopters who will purchase your product inspite of not having any kind of relationship with you. They are the ones who may have seen value in your product and are willing to go on a limb and trust you to deliver value. And deliver you must because these are the early adopters who will tell everyone. Get in touch with them, build rapport, offer them discounts and goodies and more importantly take feedback. Do ask them what was the factor which helped them make the buy decision on your site.

Addressing the top 5 reasons listed above will go a long way in helping build customer TRUST in your website.


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