Is your web designer like a bull dog? Tenacious and persistent?
21st January 2013

bulldogrunWhat an odd question you might say, but after 15 years in this business, the one quality I would say that is the most important for any web designer especially in India is ? bull dog like persistence.

Here are some of the challenges web designers have to often face when trying to complete a project on time:

  • Client is never available, always travelling, or always busy.
  • Client is available but key person with important information is not available or busy.
  • Client off on a 2 week vacation without letting the web designer know (it happened!)
  • An important approval remains pending as the client canvasses 15 people in his organization
  • An important event or seminar takes up all the client's time and energy.
  • A client simply does not care and puts the work on the back burner, leaving you stranded.
  • Too many other urgent issues take up the client's priorities.
  • Client wants to take it slow and pace the project according to his timeline.

Throughout all this the web designer lays siege to the client's office with countless phone calls, smses and even visits.

If the web designer is persistent and determined, he will eventually break through and get the project done but many times what was as a short term project stretches on and on.

In today's day and age it takes mettle and guts to stick it out in the face of persistent rejection and delay. The heroic web designer sees it through to the end in the face of all obstacles and against all the odds.

From an heroic web designer.

Written very very late at night,

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