Localization of websites servicing neighbourhoods
17th June 2010

Earlier the dotcom projects that use to come (and some still do) were the conquer the globe types. They wanted to service everyone from Los angeles to Timbukto. Most of these entrepreneurs dreams were supported by a global credit card payment gateway and delivery services like DHL or UPS.


However in the past year an interesting trend is emerging. Websites catering to the local markets. Now you would say, thats not new, many local merchants - single store or restaurant owners,  have websites. I'm talking of entrepreneurs with no local establishment except for the fact they live or work in the neighbourhood offering localized and specialized services.

Some of local services being offered include

  • Laundry pick and drop services through an online system
  • Movies/Vidoes pick and drop services
  • Fast Food ordering and delivery for multiple brands
  • Grocery order and drop services.
  • Local dog walking services
  • and many more such

These websites typically offer the following features:

  1. A user friendly website custom made for that neighbourhood
  2. User accounts of people living in the area, usually signed up by making a physical sales call.
  3. Tie-ups with different merchants in the area offering the same or different services
  4. One standard rate/ price  with the website owner's margin included.
  5. Door to door delivery promise or some other promise of convenience.
  6. Listing of the best deals and offers from the member establishments in the area.
  7. The whole setup is run by local guys/girls well known in the neighbourhood whom the residents would tend to trust.

Dotcoms have always been synonymous with Global Reach. But these new ventures are leveraging local needs, local knowledge and local services to create a new Localized Dotcom revolution. And the benefits are plenty, low startup cost, low delivery costs, low customer support requirements but best of all its close to Mom and Dad.


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