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How the 'internet of things' will impact your business. Nothing will be offline anymore.
17th February 2015   |   News_&_analysis

After the 'cloud' and 'big data' its now time for the 'internet of things' to take centre stage in the technology world. And like any new technology there is as much hype as there is reality. The truth is that the internet of things is already here...

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Interactive reading - Completely changing the way we take in information.
1st August 2012   |   News_&_analysis

Illustration by Bhakti Chande Recently I have become the proud owner of a Samsung Tab 10.1 (i know, i know?i am a late bloomer). What was surprising is the extent by which it changed my reading habits. I have always been a paper reader, prefe...

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Crowd Sourcing Websites - A good idea or a waste of time and effort?
16th February 2012   |   News_&_analysis

Recently we had a brush with crowd sourcing through a client. He needed a logo designed and wanted to try out the crowd sourcing option. Ultimately it did not work out and he gave the job to us to complete. But the whole experience got me thinking ...

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Are dotcom entrepreneurs cluttering the marketplace with unworkable services and products?
9th January 2012   |   News_&_analysis

The media today is awash with stories of dotcoms starting, getting funding and as quickly closing down. The culprits are too much money in the wrong hands, irrational expectations and a completely useless value-add concept. What is the value add h...

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The battle for - a struggle against cyber squatting and identity theft.
10th May 2011   |   News_&_analysis

We just won a small battle against cybersqatting and identity theft concerning the domain MIRACLEWORX.INFO. Last August some Ukranian guy quietly registered this domain and copied our site (previous version) and pretended to be us. He misrepresente...

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SAP looking into gamification in its software solutions. A new era of productive fun for the working class maybe?
5th May 2011   |   News_&_analysis

While doing research for a new website for a SAP consultant client I came across this very interesting link

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Indian Government -1, Paypal - 0
1st February 2011   |   News_&_analysis

Blogs across India are grieving over the sad demise of the Paypal service in India. It may not be completely dead but certainly is on life support. Check out this post mortem by Amit Agarwal

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Why some clients thrived during lock down and some did not.
8th August 2020   |   News_&_analysis

As a part of a business that interacts with other businesses across industries, on a daily basis, we have a bird’s eye view on how our clients are handling the lockdown. The good news is most of them handled it quite well. It is heartening to s...

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The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 – Implications for online business
18th December 2019   |   News_&_analysis

The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 was introduced in Lok Sabha by the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, on December 11, 2019. The Bill seeks to provide for protection of personal data of individuals, ...

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Is GDPR coming to your side of the world? Very likely.
21st May 2018   |   News_&_analysis

Europe's landmark The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is setting new standards for consumer protection compliance. It requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens. It imposes harsh penalties for non complian...

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Should Net Neutrality be a worry for the web design and digital marketing industry?
9th November 2017   |   News_&_analysis

Firstly let's address what is net neutrality. Wikipedia defines net neutrality thus: "Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating most of the Internet must treat all data on the Internet the same, and...

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Global versus local - the fight for autonomy in digital marketing activities
23rd May 2017   |   News_&_analysis

We recently met with a global company which has a significant presence in India. The discussion focused on the fact that the local subsidiary were not happy with the resources provided to them for digital marketing, primarily their corporate websit...

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Expansion of the 'Google Tax' will really hurt the web design and digital marketing industry
28th December 2016   |   News_&_analysis

News that the infamous 'Google Tax' might be expanded to more online services is a nightmare scenario for digital service providers like us. Already burdened by a 15% service tax, the additional 6% will create an unrealistic 21% levy on digital ser...

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Demonetization has businesses scrambling for payment gateways in their websites
22nd December 2016   |   News_&_analysis

It's a good time to be a payment gateway company. After years of slow growth they are now poised for explosive growth. Demonetization has given splendid opportunities to cashless services providers including online payment gateways. There was...

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Tinder's unique interface is really catching on...swipe swipe swipe
2nd September 2015   |   News_&_analysis

Tinder has become ubiquitous with dating through its excellent interface (personal note, am happily married, interest is purely academic). Using a simple slide interface it provides a fun and easy selection process. This process is now being copie...

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What's all the fuss about Uber - game changer or breaker?
25th June 2015   |   News_&_analysis

Hardly a day goes by where Uber is not in the news, mainly under some controversy or the other. I haven't seen so much fuss over a company since the old Microsoft anti-trust days. Uber is now quickly becoming a verb like Google. The 'Uberification'...

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Mayday! Indian e-commerce portals switching to app only. Right decision?
6th April 2015   |   News_&_analysis

Almost sounds like an April fools joke but it isn't. Web designers get worried when they hear such news although technically there is not much for them to worry about. From May 1st, Indian e-commerce portal will be app only. Flipkart wi...

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E-commerce market in India has woken up again - things are looking good.
11th October 2013   |   News_&_analysis

There was a time in the last year that seemed to be the death knell for e-commerce in India. The sentiment had turned negative and small entrepreneurs were holding off on their e-commerce investments. Needless to say, interest in getting e-commerce...

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Why I donated ALL my books to
7th March 2013   |   News_&_analysis

Yup, all my books, about 150 of them, gone, donated to Its no secret that I am a big fan of their service and have been a regular subscriber for over 3 years now. So what were the reasons for letting go of my precious collection...

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Why Coca Cola switched to an editorial website and what we can learn from it.
22nd November 2012   |   News_&_analysis

Came across this article in the New York Times titled 'Coke Revamps Web Site to Tell Its Story'. The skeptical among us might just consider this as another meaningless corporate re-branding but there is more here than meets the eye. ...

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Is Google Apps Business version too expensive for India? An appeal to Google.
5th March 2012   |   News_&_analysis

Firstly I must start with saying how much I love Google Apps. I use it for my business and I recommend it to my client who have email requirements below 10 mailboxes. But many of my clients fall between the 10-150 mailboxes range and going for the ...

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Paypal increases transaction limit to USD 3000 with RBI nod. Some relief for online merchants
15th October 2011   |   News_&_analysis

Some relief for online merchants in India dependent on Paypal for their online payments from abroad. With RBI?s nod Paypal has increased the limit from USD 500 to USD 3000. However the other restrictions such as remitting the money within a week et...

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SEO BPO? Has India become the low cost SEO outsourcing destination? Overcoming the perception will be a challenge for genuine online marketing firms.
2nd July 2011   |   News_&_analysis

I recently had to interview for an SEO expert and I received several resumes from persons working in 200+ teams at different firms. I was intrigued by how a 200+ SEO outfit works and how strategy is planned. Turns out no strategy is planned. These...

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Why doesn't India have a web designer and developers association? Its high time this industry organized itself and implemented standards.
29th April 2011   |   News_&_analysis

I have been in this business for nearly 13 years. In these years I have seen our industry grow from a fledgling outcrop of the software industry to one which has grown into a huge industry in itself. The web design and development industry in India...

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A graduate of - my four and half years at India's best dotcom
29th March 2011   |   News_&_analysis

My education notwithstanding  I am a product of I joined at the age of 21, my first real corporate job. Before that I had several small time entrepreneural ventures such as assembling computers, teaching basic computer courses, wri...

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Will social media sites replace Blogs, has Facebook killed the blog? Not likely.
7th March 2011   |   News_&_analysis

A recent study done by Pew Research Centre titled Generations Online 2010  threw up a host of questions regarding the relevancy of the blog versus the new social mediums like Facebook and Twitter. Here is an excerpt from the study... ...

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Using Websites to Support Charitable Causes
29th January 2011   |   News_&_analysis

More and more charities are going online with their promotions and fund raising activities. The net has become a blessing for many cash strapped organizations who can now promote themselves without having to spend a bundle. Charities can now do qu...

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Adding the new rupee symbol to your website.
27th January 2011   |   News_&_analysis

Prof Udaya Kumar with Ron It was indeed a pleasure to see the new Indian rupee symbol come onto the world stage. It makes me proud as an Indian. Having met the creator Prof.Udaya Kumar from the Design School, IIT Guwahati I know its an excelle...

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21st January 2010   |   News_&_analysis

I must confess?I am a book worm. I love to read, mostly business and self help books. I always had problems getting my hands on the latest business and self help books and was looking for a library which stocked such books. I could not find any suc...

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