Protect your domains and other digital IP or else face cyber squatting
15th March 2016

startup-frustrationWe keep seeing this over and over. Clients with multiple domains and websites don't have a clue where the domain or website is hosted. When it's time for a site revamp or starting a new marketing programme everyone starts scrambling to find the agency with whom these details are located. Many times they cannot locate the details and end up jammed.

This results in scenarios such as

  • Cannot change the DNS entries (entries which control mail and hosting for that domain) of a website.
  • Cannot access the website to make routine changes as hosting control panel is missing.
  • Unable to take regular backups of the site.
  • Getting stuck when shifting vendors or being held hostage by unscrupulous hosting companies.

However these types of issues can be avoided through some simple steps:

  • Treat the domain and hosting as your company's intellectual property and protect it accordingly, which means filing the information the properly.
  • All domains owned by the company should be grouped in a separate account controlled by the company or a trusted agent of the company. Avoid turning over control of the domains to the hosting company.
  • As far possible use only one registrar for registering and renewing domains. We have had clients use multiple domain resellers and then are unable to locate the correct registrar. Note: Domains can be moved from one registrar to another so you can move them all to one location.
  • Insist on Control Panels for both domain and hosting. Many times, web developers, register the domain and host the website through their own master panels and are unable to share the control with the clients. This should be avoided and each website should have an individual independent control panel.
  • A backup of the source code for your website should be stored with you. If the site is changing frequently, take more frequent backups. Your website maintenance agency should be able to provide you with routine backups.
  • Keep a record of all billing for purchase of domain and hosting. You might need it to track down the vendor or prove ownership.
Remember to treat your domain and website hosting as your company IP and safe guard it with a few good policies and common sense.
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