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Social Media Management - Internal team versus outsourced, which is better?
28th June 2017   |   Social_media

Many companies are wrestling with the dilemma of whether to retain social media management within the organization or to outsource it to a proper digital marketing agency. Hiring a social media agency to manage the company's social profile can be ...

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Formulating a Social Media Strategy forces the business to look inwards
8th November 2016   |   Social_media

Most businesses are outward looking. They are either looking at the customers, markets or at competitors. A few departments by design such as HR might look inwards and the C-Suite might superficially look inwards during strategy making. Howeve...

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Take a head first dive into social media...5 tips for social networking success
28th October 2015   |   Social_media

Every day I take a head first dive into my social media world! I start splashing around on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels. I comment, I connect, I laugh and I think. Social media is not an experience to be had from the side of th...

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The One Thing all social media strategies must have to be successful.
19th March 2015   |   Social_media

Clients often get caught in the 'what, where and how' of social media marketing. Hours are spent on budgeting and post content discussions. The theme of the social strategy seems self-evident - talk about the business and a bit of CSR related info ...

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Is your social media campaign running on auto pilot? Wake up and take charge.
21st October 2013   |   Social_media

You hired a social media agency like us to administer your company social media campaign. You are enthusiastic for the first couple of weeks and the posts are nicely ticking along and the 'likes' are steadily climbing. Soon you let it go on auto-pi...

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SME Toolkit India - Kick starting a social media strategy plan for your business
17th July 2013   |   Social_media

The latest of our weekly posts to the ICICI SME Toolkit India Kick starting a social media strategy plan for your business Cheers, Ron ...

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Determine the objectives before you begin any social media initiative.
26th March 2013   |   Social_media

I recently had a conversation with a client who had hired a freelancer to manage their company?s social media initiative and when I say social media initiative i mean Facebook. As he explained to me that they had been posting regularly and were ...

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Optimizing your social media marketing strategy
18th December 2009   |   Social_media

Social Media Marketing is all about creating touch points for a wide range of people to know about your business, get in touch with you and learn from you. But it can be only effective if it is guided in a coordinated manner. Many PR and advertisi...

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Why many Indian companies struggle to leverage Social Media for their businesses
11th June 2018   |   Social_media

Everyone agrees that social media can be a powerful source for business and brand development. There is not a single marketing or communications manager who would dispute that. However there is a huge gap between what companies believe and how they...

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LinkedIn or Facebook - choosing the right social media channel for your goals
6th June 2017   |   Social_media

Ideally your business should be active on both but sometimes due to lack of resources or time businesses must choose between one over the other. We are going to continue with the assumption that you definitely have to select one of these two. This ...

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What I would like to see in a new and improved LinkedIn
14th June 2016   |   Social_media

The big news of the week and probably month is Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn. People have analysed from every angle whether this is a good thing or not. I want to take a much simpler approach to this merger. As a common user I would really...

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Birth of a new cottage industry - the production of Facebook 'Likes'
5th November 2011   |   Social_media

A friend likes to do a simple exercise - he takes a printout of the Facebook Wall of a popular (in terms of 'likes') fan page. He then starts circling conversations which are relevant and meaningful to the brand. Doing this he gets an idea of the i...

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Best social media strategy in India is to take the middle path and use common sense. The proper strategy should be rewarding and sustainable.
6th July 2011   |   Social_media

A friend alerted me to this article in the Economic Times about the dangers of overrelying on Facebook or any one platform for that matter.

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The holy trinity of social media - Facebook, twitter and the blog. Aim them at an idea, concept or service you want to promote.
20th June 2011   |   Social_media

After the explosive growth of social media platforms it seems to be coming down to this holy trinity of social media - Facebook, Twitter and the Blog. And if you think about it, seems like a very complementary trio. Facebook fills the social quotie...

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Correct use of social media - drive traffic TO your site not AWAY from it
1st February 2011   |   Social_media

A very common mistake I see website owners do over and over again is to put social media links in a very prominent position on their sites sometimes even overshadowing their main message. Here is the thought I feel they should be aware of:Use Soci...

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Putting the Social back in 'Social Media Marketing'
9th December 2009   |   Social_media

Clients are wondering whats the brohaha about this Social Media Marketing thing. Most are respected businessmen who are quite adept at 'Social Marketing'. Many have an enviable network of contacts, friends and business associates. Its when you...

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