Applying Micheal Porter's Five Forces Model to the Web Design Industry
4th February 2013   |   Strategy

Micheal Porter's Five Forces industry analysis and strategy development is a staple in most business schools. Having come across it again in book I was reading I decided to apply it to our web design industry to see what kind of analysis we get. Th...

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Technology is easy. Changing mindsets is difficult.
17th November 2019   |   Strategy

We are often caught in the middle of a silent battle happening within our client’s businesses. The battle is between an older generation clinging to a fixed way of doing things and a new generation eager to implement the latest technology, impati...

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5 Steps to Take On Your Business Website During An Economic Slowdown
14th March 2019   |   Strategy

Cycles of growth and slowdowns are inevitable and your business will be buffeted by economic winds. This is reality of any business. However we believe that slowdown periods are very valuable as they allow businesses to take stock of reality and tr...

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Difficult times call for renewed digital marketing efforts
5th October 2018   |   Strategy

When times are hard, the instinct for most businesses is to cut the seemingly non core activities such as digital marketing. In order to save costs, marketing budgets get slashed and plans are shelved. It is a seemingly natural thing for a company ...

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Where are you adding value? If you cannot answer this then don't start it!
15th February 2016   |   Strategy

Every business needs to add value in the chain between the producer and the consumer. If you are not the producer than you should be very clear what value you are creating sitting in the chain. Many new businesses today aren't really clear on what ...

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An unbelievable untapped potential for leveraging digital exists in corporate India
22nd July 2015   |   Strategy

Being a web design company is tough. Very tough competition, demanding customers and ever-changing technology. However what keeps us going is the potential for business that exists the world around and particularly in India. Corporate India, espec...

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For many startups a pivot can turn into a wobble and then disaster!
28th July 2014   |   Strategy

A 'pivot' is one of those jargonish terms startups use to describe 'Oh shit! We need to be doing this instead of that!'.  Its a way of saying that a. either we got it wrong from the start or b. what we are doing isn't working, so plan B. The...

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Digital v/s print - why the debate continues.
13th March 2014   |   Strategy

Recently a good friend and a ceo of startup company in India called me for some advise. His question was whether he should invest his limited marketing budget on print marketing i.e. ads in magazines etc or do a digital strategy spread ie....

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Explaining web marketing to a music composer - a unique perspective.
25th June 2013   |   Strategy

Recently was speaking to a friend who is a well-established music composer and something he said caught me by surprise. He asked, 'Aren't websites dead? Everything is on Facebook nowadays.' Aside from the fact that the statement kicks our busines...

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Dealing with dinosaurs - why most Indian companies are still not ready for the new digital world
22nd April 2013   |   Strategy

When I think of dinosaurs I think of slow, massive, lumbering beasts that went extinct thousands (maybe millions, forgive my lack of Jurassic knowledge) of years ago. Most Indian companies today seem like those dinosaurs - slow, lumbering giants, c...

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Selling online to children - a different approach to creating websites for kids and parents
29th June 2012   |   Strategy

Illustration by Bhakti Chande Recently we have been handed several kids targeted website projects and its been quite a different experience. A lot of things you take for granted marketing to adults go out of the window. Colors, fonts, simplic...

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Does a web design firm need a strategy and why its important for the firm's clients.
16th May 2012   |   Strategy

In the old days web design used to be a pretty static affair. You created the site, you did a bit of SEO and presto - it worked. Nowadays the entire evolution of web design and marketing is in a state of constant change. Web design companies have b...

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Bringing older business clients online - overcoming their fears & providing guidance
6th December 2011   |   Strategy

I recently met with a prospective client who confessed that she might be too late in terms of getting her business online. Overall she is a superbly successful business person with years of experience behind her but some fears (justified and unjust...

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Building customer trust in your website. Getting over the trust deficit and building loyalty.
15th September 2011   |   Strategy

A major problem often faced by e-commerce owners is the trust deficit by visitors to the site. It usually blindsides most e-commerce owners as they are more concerned about product specifications and other technical details of the website. They end...

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Do It Yourself website design or in-house web design rarely works out. Short terms gains but long term it costs you more.
4th June 2011   |   Strategy

A friend recently called me asking how much a programmer would charge per month to develop a site he wanted created for one of his businesses. Being on a low budget hecould not afford professional web design companies like us. Although I gave him t...

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The future of digital marketing is divergence not convergence. An ever increasing set of options for business owners and opportunities for digital marketers.
1st June 2011   |   Strategy

13 years ago when I started in this field there was only web designing, we did not have to worry about SEO or any other areas or options. Slowly the services tree expanded into 2 branches then 4 and so on and so forth. Today we have a whole tree of...

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Crafting an online identity - the art of personal branding by Prashant Pinge
8th May 2011   |   Strategy

When one thinks of identity, the first thing that jumps to mind is individuality. That every individual is unique is without doubt. And yet, social norms dictate so many of our actions and thoughts that we somehow tend to get absorbed in the crowd,...

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Interruption marketing is over. VALUE Marketing is in. Building an ecosystem of support and value around each purchase.
27th April 2011   |   Strategy

I was struck by this wonderful quote from a pdf  my SEO expert Shashank passed on to me: We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in & be what people are interested in. This pretty much sums up what marketers now have...

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The concept of gamification - Are Indian businesses and web developers upto the challenge?
14th April 2011   |   Strategy

A new concept taking the online industry by storm is 'Gamification'. The concept of Gamification revolves around rewarding users for performing set tasks in a certain manner and creating a reward structure around the overall performance of the task...

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Web strategist - Why Indian companies should develop websites with a coherent web strategy
5th April 2011   |   Strategy

A pet peeve of mine since a long time has been Indian companies developing websites without formulating a coherent web strategy. Websites are built around products, a design element such as a logo or a managers idea of what the website should be. T...

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Democratization of web means every website has to become a politician - pitch for votes
1st April 2011   |   Strategy

We usually associate voting with scumbag politicians and their fake promises and plastic smiles. But now in this new age of web democracy every website has to garner votes to become popular and remain in power. Every click of a 'like' button or 'st...

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The concept of a Chief Web Officer
24th October 2010   |   Strategy

Going through peer blogs I came across this term - CWO Chief Web Officer, a term similiar to  a CFO, CTO, COO or CEO. Nice to see this but miles from it being a reality!! What would be the role of the CWO? In a nutshell Plan the busines...

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Improve your brand by well designed touch points
15th October 2010   |   Strategy

Image by Intersection Consulting via Flickr I recently received a poorly drafted mail from a company whose service I was interested in. The mail looked like the dogs breakfast. Absolutely terrible!!! They then followed it up with a help documen...

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Evaluating your dotcom idea - avoiding the dot bombs
21st May 2010   |   Strategy

Every week i am approached by youngsters (and sometimes not so young-sters) asking to evaluate their dotcom idea for development and promotion costs. Being in the business I dutifully provide the cost estimates and whatever advice I can throw in. W...

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Template websites, do they work?
15th December 2009   |   Strategy

Years ago when I used to work for I was in charge  of their template website department called Rediff Homepages. Basically what we provided was an a quick and simple way to set up  your website using a form driven interface wit...

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Will It Work Online? A Frequent Query
7th December 2009   |   Strategy

I met with a client this weekend who presented his business to me and we talked about how to setup an ecommerce solution. Like many other prospective and existing clients he asked me 'Will it work online?'. I personally feel any business can make it ...

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