What to do when your existing web developer bungles badly
15th February 2017   |   strategy

Recently we had the experience of visiting a prospective client whose website project had been badly bungled by their current web developer. Although the developer seemed reputed, he had done a terrible job on the client's website. Hence, the in

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The shifting paradigm from traditional PR to digital PR.
20th May 2016   |   strategy

With the ever changing landscape of the online world another great indus

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Where are you adding value? If you cannot answer this then don't start it!
15th February 2016   |   strategy

Every business needs to add value in the chain between the producer and the consumer. If you are not the producer than you should be very clear what value you are creating sitting in the chain. Many new businesses today aren't really clear on wh

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Understanding the hidden challenges of acquiring and retaining customers for a startup
16th November 2015   |   strategy

People quite often share startup ideas and links to prototypes with me and I feel a lot of admiration

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The democratization of content through social platforms has begun.
25th September 2015   |   strategy

The content war is spilling out of the comp

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An unbelievable untapped potential for leveraging digital exists in corporate India
22nd July 2015   |   strategy

Being a web design company is tough. Very tough com

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Website management - 5 ways to avoid a congress websites type debacle
27th January 2015   |   strategy

Was quite amused when I came across this article in Medianama. 

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Customers helping customers - a new paradigm for online customer support
6th January 2015   |   strategy

Imagine you can drastically reduce your customer support costs and at the same time improve

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How active is your digital initiative - the ultimate checklist!
7th October 2014   |   strategy

Use this comprehensive yet simple check list to see if how active is your business's digital initiative.

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