The rise and rise of Jquery. What is the future for Flash? Flash v/s Jquery a head to head comparison.
16th May 2011   |   Technology

I never liked Flash. But as a web designer i had no choice but to use it to deliver certain effects which were required for some sites. I must admit that we did some pretty awesome sites using Flash but remaining reliant on a proprietory technology...

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Object Oriented Programming In PHP
6th January 2010   |   Technology

Object Oriented Programming, as the name implies, is about programming with objects. But what exactly is an object? An object is an entity that encapsulates properties and behaviour that is specific to that entity. This might sound a little ...

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Adding credit card payment options to your website in India
5th January 2010   |   Technology

Click here for the latest updated list of credit card payment gateways Many years ago we did not have many options for adding credit card payment gateway to our ecommerce sites and we had to rely on COD, Cheque/DD to accept payments. All that chan...

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