The Content Development Culture - Creating the content rich organization.
20th February 2013

A friend and client who recently took over as head of a large technology company recently wrote to me with the following:

"I have found a lack of skills on content everywhere ? marketing creatives, sales collateral, product documentation, even on-screen text on product pages. We're not even sure what the right sort of person is to hire, but we know that the position is important ? mere ?tech? is not enough to make world-class products!"

I responded with a power point covering the following:

1. Lets define 'content'

Content is

  • collective learning,
  • nuggets of experience,
  • technical information,
  • how-to-guides,
  • marketing spiel,
  • stories and humor

that reflect the company's thought processes and culture to customers, vendors and employees.

2. Why content development is all about culture

  • No business can generate good content solely from external sources
  • Best content includes inputs from tackling day to day issues
  • Content from energized and engaged employees boosts morale
  • True learning can only come from hard earned experience
  • Good content is always emotional, poignant and from the heart.


If employees are not engaged in the process, sooner or later the initiative will fritter out.

3. A two pronged best strategy for content development



4. Important inputs for your content development plan


  • Key areas to focus content on
  • Types of content that can be created reliably.
  • Modes of delivery which provide the best coverage.
  • Best internal and external sources
  • Best technology for delivery

5. Great Sources of Content are everywhere

  • Interviews with clients & employees
  • Coverage of events and seminars
  • Commentary on technology and world developments
  • Technical articles & manuals
  • Collaborations with guest writers
  • Contests within the organization
  • Problems, issues and break down events

6. Distributing the content through different channels

  • Company Blog
  • Company Newsletter
  • Slideshow Presentations
  • Videos & Multimedia
  • Product Handouts
  • Books & Magazines
  • Training Sessions & Special Events

7. Internal setup for content generation

  • Assign a content champion
  • Identify a core team or editorial board
  • Assign roving reporters
  • Hold short seminars to spread the word
  • Develop an incentive plan to reward good effort
  • Ensure buy in from top to bottom
  • Apply, rinse, repeat

8. External setup for content generation

  • Assign an agency
  • Clearly identify and quantify deliverables
  • Setup a quality control mechanism
  • Ensure allocation of funds in budget
  • Involve agency in internal initiatives
  • Apply, rinse, repeat

9. Keeping it going

  • Aim for national and international awards and competitions
  • Benchmark content to competitors
  • Benchmark content to best cases across industries
  • Invite motivational speakers to pump up morale
  • Start a toastmasters club within the company
  • Recognize employees for outstanding contribution
  • Get a virtuous cycle going.

10. The most important thing

Link good content to sales growth and profits. Nothing succeeds like success.


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