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A career as a web design professional in India. List of web design courses and institutes in India.
2nd March 2017   |   Useful_resources

As a web design professional and owner of a web designing firm, I have to be consistent with the ever-changing Web Design Industry. Out of curiosity, I researched about the available Web Designing and Development courses in India. Here is the list...

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List of credit card payment gateways in India. Options for adding a payment gateway to your e-commerce website.
2nd March 2017   |   Useful_resources

Credit Card Gateways in India have multiplied in the last few years providing e-commerce website owners a range of rates, fees and options to choose from.In a cost conscious country like India ultimately the rates are the key. Here is our hones...

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How active is your digital initiative - the ultimate checklist!
7th October 2014   |   Useful_resources

Use this comprehensive yet simple check list to see if how active is your business's digital initiative. Items Points Your Score If your company has a website (Duh!) 5 If you h...

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Two very useful tools to improve your website's content discovery by search and tagging
26th September 2012   |   Useful_resources

We are always looking at ways to help make our client website's content easier to find for visitors. This involves tagging, crosslinking, also reads and ofcourse searching. Some places we can use ready tools and at others we have to do a DIY projec...

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Inspirational video - Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson
24th January 2012   |   Useful_resources


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Digital Marketing Presentation to Management Students of Agnel
4th September 2015   |   Useful_resources

I recently had the privilege to give a one hour talk on Digital Marketing to students of the Agnel Management Institute. The talk covered key areas such as scope of digital marketing, key ideas and concepts and also a look at the various digital...

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The 3 Reasons your Business Needs an Explainer Video By Shea Harris
1st August 2014   |   Useful_resources

This post is by my friend Shea Harris who is the creator of I was very impressed with his work  and reached out to him for a guest post. Happily he obliged. I do hope you get an opportunity to work with him. Che...

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Tool reco - Gliffy, a wonderful new online charting tool
28th January 2014   |   Useful_resources

Creating diagrams, charts just became a whole lot easier. Used this tool for a recent project and was very happy with the outcome. Gliffy provides support for flowcharts, network diagrams, org charts, venn diagrams, Swot analysis, wireframes and mo...

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13 Steve Jobs quotes for creatives and designers
7th June 2013   |   Useful_resources


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Credit Card Payment Gateway Pricing Comparisons
9th January 2010   |   Useful_resources

Click here for the latest updated list of credit card payment gateways The success of any ecommerce or subscription based website depends on the efficiency and reliability of the credit card gateway provider with which you have linked your site. ...

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