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What to do when your existing web developer bungles badly
15th February 2017   |   Website_design

Recently we had the experience of visiting a prospective client whose website project had been badly bungled by their current web developer. Although the developer seemed reputed, he had done a terrible job on the client's website. Hence, the inv...

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Finding the right match between a web design agency and clients
9th August 2016   |   Website_design

From time to time, during the RFQ period, we bow out of the bidding due to differences in thought process and requirements. Over the years we have learnt to recognise the signs that indicatethat we are not a good match to the client. We call th...

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Three web design trends that are hot right now!
17th June 2015   |   Website_design

Web design evolves just like technology and also goes through its own fads and style periods. Designing also changes with the evolution of technology particularly CSS and JavaScript evolutions. 1. Pictures tell the story Large images stretching a...

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Switching web design agencies - a few things to keep in mind for a smooth transition.
4th September 2013   |   Website_design

Sometimes web design agencies take clients for granted and sometimes they outgrow them or vice versa. For whatever the reason there could come a time when you need to switch agencies. Depending on your departing agency and the new agency this can ...

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Is your website DICEE enough? Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Empowering & Elegant web design.
22nd July 2013   |   Website_design

This post has been inspired from an excellent article by Guy Kawasaki in which he about the DICEE concept. DICE...

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Amateur web designers are leaving clients high and dry - the solution - hire professionals
1st April 2013   |   Website_design

Three cases recently highlighted the menace of amateur web designers and how they leave clients high and dry in spite of being paid. Case 1 : A good friend cannot access a wordpress website A good friend called recently asking if there was ...

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Is your web designer like a bull dog? Tenacious and persistent?
21st January 2013   |   Website_design

What an odd question you might say, but after 15 years in this business, the one quality I would say that is the most important for any web designer especially in India is ? bull dog like persistence. Here are some of the challenges web desi...

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Web developers need to take charge of their projects - lead and advise the client.
25th December 2012   |   Website_design

Illustration by Bhakti Chande We all have stories about how a client drove a project off a cliff by their lack of cooperation or funny ideas about how things should be. The web design world is full of half done projects and dissatisfied client...

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Growing the web design pie in India - changing our attitudes and increasing cooperation
13th December 2012   |   Website_design

Q. How many web designers does it take to change a light bulb? Ans. 1 to do the changing and 2500 to submit proposals for the contract for changing the light bulbs. Ok, so it may not be the best light bulb joke in the world but you get the ...

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Web designers can be game changers for their clients.
15th November 2012   |   Website_design

I like the term 'game changer', it means someone who comes in and literally transforms the existing way of doing things. Someone who completely changes the balance of power, so to speak. We all started our businesses wanting to be game changers but...

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Evaluating the complexity of web project - what makes a website simple or complex?
19th December 2011   |   Website_design

During a recent meeting with a prospective client I made an off hand remark that the project we were discussing is around 6/10 in terms of complexity ( 1 being simple and 10 very complex). The gentleman immediately asked how I came to that figure b...

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Quick web design approvals. How to give & get appropriate feedback without destroying the design creative.
25th July 2011   |   Website_design

Have you ever sat through a meeting that resembled the Bingo Mad Angles commercial, where the obvious was overlooked and everyone was trying to prove their usefulness by giving bullshit feedback. Well, I have sat through enough of those to know tha...

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How much should a website cost? Making sense of the wide range of pricing for website design in India.
24th June 2011   |   Website_design

This is probably one of the most controversial posts I might make. But this question has been coming up with alarming regularity in one form or the other. Typical questions such as: Why is there so much difference in the prices quoted by diff...

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Indian web designers should reclaim the high ground through best practices which do not come at the cost of innovation or creativity.
4th May 2011   |   Website_design

Whenever I discuss standards and best practices for web design companies in India I am greeted with the same refrain - web design companies are innovative and follow their own paths. The implication is that by applying standards somehow we will loo...

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14 practical ideas for what you can do with a business website
31st March 2011   |   Website_design

Sitting recently with a client we started throwing out ideas on what we can do with their sites. The client had no pre-conceived notions about what was possible and was open to new ideas and suggestions. Although the discussion was detailed, here a...

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Why India is such an excellent destination for website design and pitfalls to watch for.
30th March 2011   |   Website_design

My latest article on why i think India is a great destination to outsource webdesign services. But there are some cautions also thrown in there. View the article here: Cheers, Ron...

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How to convey your ideas and not confuse your web designer
11th February 2011   |   Website_design

You've finalized the deliverables and fixed the costs. Now its time to get cracking. You will want your web designer to translate your vision into a website. You start out with a verbal brief, conveying your ideas and vision. The designer com...

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How to brief your website designer / developer
3rd March 2010   |   Website_design

You like the portfolio and you love the work. You have decided to go ahead with the web design firm and have even agreed to the cost. Now comes the brief. You need to share your vision for the site with them. Help the web designer get into your hea...

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A website redesign can transform a business – here’s how.
25th January 2019   |   Website_design

Your first reaction might be that this is a web designer overselling the value of their work. And in most cases you might be right. But we are talking of a few clients that get solidly impacted by a remake of their website because the changes run d...

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Web design firms must work towards a deeper engagement with clients
10th August 2018   |   Website_design

20 years ago, when we started in this field, the website was a neat little marketing tool for businesses. A ‘nice to have’ but not necessary item for the marketing manager. But over the years the value and functionality of the corporate website...

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Customers helping customers - a new paradigm for online customer support
6th January 2015   |   Website_design

Imagine you can drastically reduce your customer support costs and at the same time improve quality of service exponentially. And as a bonus you get terrific customer loyalty! Too good to be true? Welcome to the a new paradigm of customer ...

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Attack of the clones - common designs and common websites
19th November 2014   |   Website_design

I have watched the evolution of website design for over 15 years from simple text and link based sites to Flash based monsters to the light airy Html 5 ones of today. I am thrilled with the technology development and the way site scripting has evol...

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Instant website analysis - an off the cuff review of a prospective client website
19th March 2013   |   Website_design

I received an unusual request today from a prospective client. Here it is in their own words... "We are keen to give a fresh look to our website. We would like to have give the freshness with a new domain name, logo, entire re-vamp of the site, as p...

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Dealing with fragmented data sources - a constant challenge for web designers
18th March 2013   |   Website_design

Once a website is completed its practically a complete picture of the client?s business. Its a time capsule type snapshot of the company, its values, its products or services and all other related information. But getting together this information ...

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The Zen of Web Design from MiracleworX
18th February 2013   |   Website_design

The zen of web design miraclewor x from Ron Billimoria ...

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Planning multi-region websites - centralized or decentralized approach
10th January 2013   |   Website_design

Recently we had a meeting with a client with divisions across several countries and we were discussing how to plan the website architecture. This client has chosen a centralized integrated approach i.e. all site updations for all regions will be do...

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Bridging client requirements with your company website services
7th November 2012   |   Website_design

Web designing has for long been associate with marketing and advertising of products and services. Due to this many other factors of having a great website get overlooked. Recently a client took me on a tour of his business and we reviewed opportu...

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Why asking for design concepts before the project is awarded is not a good idea.
31st October 2012   |   Website_design

We frequently get requests from prospective customers for presenting design options before the project/ contract has been awarded to us. They call it proof of concepts and use them to decide a vendor. We do not encourage this practise at all, altho...

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Old outdated, decrepit, stale, crappy websites - even the best companies have them. Time to redesign.
17th August 2012   |   Website_design

It never fails to amaze me. Some of the most well known and well respected companies have crappy sites. Its as if the company has relegated website mainteance to some dusty old folder and have completely forgotten about it. They have no idea or th...

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Do you know where your outsourced web design work is ending up - most of the times not with your original vendor
4th June 2012   |   Website_design

I received this mail today - without any context, introduction or how do you do. ---- Subject: Lets start work?. Hello, We want to give you projects that we get We will keep updating to those who replies to this email This is applicable only ...

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What makes a good Web Designer? - Sonali Salvi
21st November 2011   |   Website_design

It was time for us to search for a designer who could think like us and deliver good designs. Test time for the shortlisted candidates threw light on one aspect strongly. What is "Design"? What is expected of a "Web Designer"? I started off in my ...

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What We Believe - A Web Designer's Manifesto
28th February 2011   |   Website_design

I was struck by a brilliant presentation by Simon Sinek on how leadership is about who you aremore than what and how you create your product. View this brilliant presentation here -

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Websites at the bottom of the pyramid - Low cost web design in India, an opportunity?
7th February 2011   |   Website_design

Everyday we read these ads in the paper offering web design services at extremely low rates   and I wonder how they survive on such margins and who do they serve. But as it happens there is a huge opportunity for 'entry level' web design firms...

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Websites for startups - quality versus bootstrapping
24th June 2010   |   Website_design

To spend or not to spend?that is the question. A startup is on a tight budget with very limited resources. The future is uncertain and scary. So when the question comes to spending on a website most startup owners face a dilemma. It goes someth...

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A Holistic Approach to Web Design
21st December 2009   |   Website_design

Nowadays a Holistic approach has become very popular where doctors not only treat the symptom but also the entire body, mind and soul. Its  acknowledgement of the fact that the overall well being contributes greatly to the health of an individ...

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The Interested Client: Case for taking interest in your website.
11th December 2009   |   Website_design

One of my favorite clients has a very good habit. Every time I go to him for a meeting he  is ready with printouts of the website statistics, reports of the enquiries he received and a set of questions and doubts he wants to clear with m...

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Delivery is priority no.1
4th December 2009   |   Website_design

I've been in this business for a while now. Seen a lot of web design companies come and go and am still to see the maturity our industry desperately needs. Im of course talking about the web design industry in India. Im still seeing clients gettin...

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Web design prefection versus going online quickly
3rd December 2009   |   Website_design

We are known for our web designs but sometimes we encounter clients who are minutely fastidious about their website designs. They agonize for weeks over a colour or a font and fine tune each and every part of it. Although our clients pleasure is ou...

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