What We Believe - A Web Designer's Manifesto
28th February 2011

I was struck by a brilliant presentation by Simon Sinek on how leadership is about who you aremore than what and how you create your product. View this brilliant presentation here -http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action.html

So here goes - What We Believe, A Web Designer's Manifesto

  • We believe that every business deserves a brilliant website that contributes significantly to their business. Not having one would be a real shame and wasted potential.
  • We believe that our websites should be useful, informative and brilliantly designed in everyway. Functionality should be married to design to create the optimum user experience.
  • We believe? that customers should take their websites very very seriously as a highly valuable tool of business. We don't want customers who think otherwise.
  • We believe in trying our best and maybe the result is not always the best but we have been getting better and better over time.
  • We believe a website should impact a clients business in a very real measurable way and should not be just a show piece for an agency.
  • We believe in creating great work which we will be proud of all our lives. To do anything less would be a crime.
  • Lastly we believe in complete honesty, transparency and openess in all our dealings. Truth does set us free.


I love the work we do and so will you, check it out at - http://www.miracleworx.com/portfolio.htm

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He has been in the web development business for the almost two decades.He is a keen student of marketing and business development and writes regularly on web strategy and other related topics which is read and followed by many every month.

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