Worried about Bounce Rate of your website?
4th August 2010

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Search Engine Land Traffic Stats: December 2006This is the question most of the people are worried about, how to reduce the bounce rate of the website when the website gets ready, we all get into promoting it, submit to directories, link building, and share it on bookmarking, social networking to get more traffic.

Soon we realise that even though we are getting huge traffic but it is of no use as the bounce rate is too high and visitors are not surfing the website then the whole purpose of promoting the website seems like worthless.


  • Check you analytics, find out the pages which are getting the highest bounce rate, go to those pages, find out the key words and check if proper information (content) is provided about those keywords. Try to think from visitor's perspective as to what info you would like to see with a particular keyword.
  • Improve on content, people come to site to know about things, as the quality of content improves you will find bounce rate going down.
  • Setting site search - Google analytics allows you to see what visitors are typing in your search box putted on the website, this will help in better understanding of visitors needs.
  • You need to check the loading time of your website, visitors hate waiting. If loading time is more you need to work on it.
  • Is your website design user friendly? It's been found that visitors avoid such websites which are not user friendly.
  • Here is a point to brainstorm, check your referral websites from where traffic is coming, analysis the visitor's type and if you find they are inappropriate for your website move to other website for link building which are more relevant to your business.

Think from your visitor's point of view, ask the question WIIFM (What's in it for me) and implement those changes your bounce rate will come down.



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