Old outdated, decrepit, stale, crappy websites - even the best companies have them. Time to redesign.
17th August 2012

It never fails to amaze me. Some of the most well known and well respected companies have crappy sites. Its as if the company has relegated website mainteance to some dusty old folder and have completely forgotten about it. They have no idea or they don't care about the beating the company image is taking when visitors look for them online and come across these outdated, decrepit, stale and crappy sites.

Why the hell do these companies not bother with the websites? All the usual suspects

  • Online is not a priority. We are busy with our core business.
  • Nobody has any idea whose responsibility it is.
  • No budget allocated for it.
  • One of my favorites - We do not have any international business so why bother?
  • The current site is fine and doing its job. (Denial is not a river in Egypt).

These businesses need to wake up and smell the coffee! Poor websites say 'I don't care' more loudly than any other factor in the business. And would you want to do business with a company that says 'I don't care'?

Couple of useful articles on website redesign

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If you are sitting on the fence about your website redesign or know of a company that is, its time for a nudge. Get off the fence. Time to redesign.


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